Our office uses advanced practice techniques to ensure clients are put in the most advantageous position possible.

This starts with utilizing advanced training in taxation to minimize or eliminate taxes for your specific situation. Added to this is board certification in a litigation discipline. Projecting the potential for litigation helps to avoid future conflicts between family members, business partners, creditors, and courts.

We use the best programs available on the legal market. Legal research is conducted through Westlaw, the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and detailed legal research materials available for the legal profession.

Abacus Law software is used to track client matters, including beneficiaries, service providers, witnesses, deadlines, document assembly, and time entries.


  Membership in Wealth Counsel provides our firm provides continual updates in estate planning and business taxation, regularly updated on-demand trainings, and modifications to commonly used documents to be compliant with new laws.

Lenovo computer hardware is regularly maintained by Rich Consulting. The Austad Group regularly performs secondary security checks on our computer hardware to ensure all client data is continually protected.

   SpeakWrite is utilized to transcribe dictation at a great time and cost savings to our clients.

Encrypted backups are made in-house by cable, not cloud services, by office staff on a daily basis. These encrypted backups and their locations are rotated multiple times each week.